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This is the site for the Centre for Clinical Interventions

Go to their Resources section to view useful modular programs that are free that can be downloaded addressing a broad range of issues.


Current Reading

Pigliucci, Massimo (2017) How To Be A Stoic Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living, London: Penguin Random House

As the title suggests this book has a lot to offer to us today. The emphasis is on not trying to control the world but to put our energy and focus into what we can effect which is our response to the world as we find it. It also outlines core values which can promote greater contentment in life. Finally there are, among other thing, practical exercises and meditations.


Van Der Kolk, Bessel (2015) The Body Keeps The Score Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma,      New York: Penguin Books

An interesting read for those who want to better understand the effects of trauma and the way forward towards healing. Supports EMDR and Yoga as viable forms of treatment.


Further Reading

Forsyth, John & Eifert, George  2007   The Mindfulness & Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety,   Oakland: New Harbinger

Gilbert, Paul, 2010  The Compassionate Mind,  London Constable & Robinson

Gilbert, Paul, 2009   Overcoming Depression A Self Help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques,   London: Robinson

Harris, Russ, 2010   The Confidence Gap From Fear to Freedom,   Camberwell: Penguin Group (Australia)

Harris, Russ, 2008   The Happiness Trap Stop Struggling and Start Living,   Wollombi: Exisle



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